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Lectures by Level

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2011-11-22 12:38
ghx Hello,

when I go to Audio Go Lectures -> Lectures by Level, there are no lectures. I only see the top header stating where I am.


2011-11-22 12:52
claude We are aware that there are some problems with the display of this page, and we are working on it. Meanwhile, to see it, you can try under Firefox or Chrome and with an active session on your google account if you have one. Thanks for your patience.

2011-11-22 13:07
ghx I see, just wanted to point at the problem because I did not find anything browsing through the forum.

Just to provide a bit of information that might help you: I am using firefox under Ubuntu and have an active session of google.


2011-11-22 14:46
sr It seems the table of contents is loaded in an iFrame from Google Docs. The URL starts with https://docs.google.com/document/

2011-11-22 14:48
sr I just tried it in Firefox and Rekonq in Ubuntu. Both signed in to Google account and not. Worked fine for me.

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