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New server

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2011-10-19 14:31
claude A few days ago, we moved the whole site to a new server. We did our best to minimize the interruption, but please tell us if you experience any problem that you didn't have before.


2011-10-21 00:58
Ardeur I am having trouble with the play function freezing after I pause the video.

2011-10-22 14:34
claude Thanks for your feedback, but I could not reproduce the problem. You can send me an email at claude AT internetgoschool.com with some details about your configuration (operating system, browser, java version) if the problem persists.

2011-11-06 04:58
quarktime I just got a lecture to play, but I had to let the window sit for about 5 minutes or more. I used to be able to just press "get it" and have it play immediately a few months ago, but now it just sticks after I press "get it" for a long, long time, then finally there's a burst of console activity and the player comes up. It may be working, but taking a long time for the input stream to start serving to some users for some reason?

I'm running Vista with Firefox 7.01 and Java JRA 1.6.0_29-b11. I also tried it with Chrome and two browsers on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, including the most recent version of Dolphin. I haven't gotten a stream to start running on the tablet yet, or on Firefox, but Chrome just started up spontaneously after a very long wait.

2011-11-14 10:31
claude So it looks like it was a problem with a web antivirus again. Thanks for your feedback, Gwendolyn.

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