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Problem with purchasing lectures

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2011-08-27 17:46
Nooly Hey Guo Juan! You've got a lot of new interesting lectures and I would be glad to watch them, though I can't, cause of a strange problem I've recently got with purchasing the new lectures.
When I go to Browse Lectures => Chosing some lecture I've never purchased before, quite surprisingly it tells me:

You have purchased this lecture.

Your purchase will expire on $date.format("MMMM dd, yyyy 'at' HH:mm:ss",$last_sale_validity).

Ok... I press "Get it!" (On the lecture I actually never paid for)
And then there's a message at the top of the page:

Error: Please use the login form on the left to log in before viewing this lesson.

Though, it does show me that I am logged on the left! Strangeee huh =)

Hope you find some way to fix it, I really want to see more of your great lessons!

2011-08-27 19:03
Guo Juan Hello! Indeed there seems a big! So some people can still access the lectures but some not.
Our webmaster Mr. Claude Brisson is checking it out. Hopefully it will be fixed very soon.
Thanks for your patience.

2011-08-27 19:03
Guo Juan A bug :-)

2011-08-27 22:12
cosroe Hello, I have the same error on the lectures I have already bought some week ago and that are still active (i.e. not expired), so I cannot access them. The problem is I want to finish reading them before they expire (they will expire in a few days) but cannot access them: I hope you will grant customers like me some extra day of accessing because of this bug. Thank you

2011-08-28 03:57
labrys I am also having this problem, so I cannot buy any lectures

2011-08-28 03:58
Guo Juan After we fixed the bug, I will put back the euros into your account. Thanks for your patience.

2011-08-29 14:59
Logie Back working for me, thanks :)

2011-08-29 16:48
Guo Juan The bug is fixed!

2011-08-29 17:57
Nooly55 Yeah its working now. Thank you, good job! ;)

2011-08-30 04:35
labrys this is working for me too now - thanks :)

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