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The Kobayashi opening - What if our opponent doesn't cooperate?

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2011-07-09 18:17
osoraku Hello!

I love the Kobayashi opening lectures 1 to 5! After watching them, I always get excited to try it in my games! But many times, my opponent does not cooperate. When I have black, my games often start out like this:

After I approach the bottom-left corner with black 5, my opponent...
(1) Plays a pincer to prevent the kobayashi formation
(2) Ignores my approach move and plays a high approach move in the bottom right corner

Maybe they don't like the kobayashi opening as much as I do...! Anyway, I think I can win more games if I study these 2 patterns. Does anyone have any advice for me?

2011-08-09 01:21
Guo Juan Would you please join one of my answering questions sessions on kgs? There I will be able to answer your question. The next session will be on August 20th. In the room called Audio Go Lesson Room, in lesson section. At GMT 2pm.

2011-08-30 01:57
osoraku oops, I missed your reply! But I found the room on KGS and it says the next scheduled lesson is on september 10! I hope I can join in.

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