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# of games played vs ranking

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2011-06-29 01:46
sleazykiwi I am new to go and have not played many games yet. I went on IGS and saw many people have played thousands and thousands of games but still have low k rankings. Does this game really require that much time and effort, or am I missing something?

2011-07-04 14:56
Guo Juan Go is one of the most interesting things the world. And it gives us great fun. It is easy to learn, easy to improve in the beginning, but it is really hard to reach high level. I played go for more than 40 years. I till love this game so much and there are still so much to learn.

2011-07-09 20:42
osoraku It differs from person to person. Because you mostly hear stories from the talented people who improve very quickly, sometimes it seems like it won't be that hard... but in reality, it really is very difficult to improve for most people!

2011-11-16 17:45
sr I think it depends on the kind of games played. I could play 1000s of blitz games and probably increase my rank by 2 or 3. Or I could play a lot fewer games seriously and review many games looking for mistakes. I think that way would increase my rank even more.

2012-07-04 23:24
Buri greetings,
Ranking is something that needs to be put in perspective. since I am a beginner I
Understand very well the excitement of feeling you are shooting up the ranks. t is only recently I have realized that although ranking is a useful and important tool to sort people into rough categories for fairly equal games and so on it has very little to do with your development as a player and may even be so far off the mark it is irrelevant.
To see why it is not so important one can study the material on this site over and over again. take it slowly and don't do too many topics. Made that mistake at the beginning because I was like a kid in a sweet shop. But, just as an example, suppose yo
U take two ideal courses simultaneously. I use 'Opening Training,'. and the Step by Step series. Set up a go board across the room from your computer. Do the lesson once and copy down the joseki and situations in a file. After the lesson view the joseki etc on the go board. Next day do the lesson again. This time you might find you can actually remember the joseki and the patterns so go to the go board and play them out before they come up on the computer screen. Use the computer to check yo
U have learnt the thing well. Do the same lesson next day and so on until it is so deeply ingrained you are speaking and thinking simultaneously with Guo. After about a week move up a lesson and repeat procedure. if you have extra time at weekends taste the basic shapes and important stone lecture sas well.
if you do this kind of work you will move through the beginners ranks very quickly. Then when you play higher ranked players, probably as a handicap then although you may well lose quite a lot you will begin to see that the majority of those players use terrible shapes, have no real strategy and so on. All they have is a faster and more dangerous reading abilit in the middle game because they have played so often to get where they are. By studying life and death problems everyday ove rand over we can begin to match this too.
Paying attention to studying the game seriously rather than rank is the correct approach. Nobody can say how long it will take but eventually you will be a formidable player.Most of the high speed high rank players on the various boards are actually paper tigers.
Best wishes,

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