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"How to kill a dead group"

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2011-05-16 21:59
Ice Hi,

I would like a lecture like the topic says. I often find myself trying to kill groups that have 0 eyes and no way to live. Then i usually mess things up and my opponent manages to live.

I dont mean life and death, but "how to keep yourself alive and finish the opponents group by a 100%"

2011-05-16 22:03
Ice http://eidogo.com/#2EZZYkdc

I got the idea from this game. I was black. At move 98 I had to make the choice how to attack the groups so that when they die, they die 100%, and if they dont die, my territory wont get hurt. It looks like at least the bottom white group cant live no matter what. but then i got killed instead...

2011-05-16 22:04
Ice i meant actually that later the bottom group was dead. Now it doesnt look so dead

2011-05-16 22:07
Ice sorry to explain this in such a complicated way :D

2011-05-21 12:47
Guo Juan To kill a group is not just kill its eyes. I think more important is to defend your own shapes. If we have a weak group, there is no way to kill. A good feeling about shapes is necessary.

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