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opening theory

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2006-06-30 22:30
e.ludwig hi!

im a 20 k at KGS.

i learned opening thinking from yilun yang, and all say that my opening is much stronger than 20k.

shall i still take the A lesson, or should i start with the B lesson?


2006-06-30 22:31
e.ludwig ps: if it is a hepl: on goproblems.com i can solve fuseki problems at the 10 - 5 k level.

2006-07-01 00:25
e.ludwig ok!

i already took A 1 ... and it was good.

2006-07-01 03:34
Guo Juan If you think you are much stronger than 20k, of course you can try B level, but A teaches real basics I believe the basics are really important.

2006-07-01 22:28
e.ludwig i choosed A level.

i think its good to be 100% sure bout the basics....i still made 2 mistakes in A 1 level.

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