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Go Books in Traditional Chinese Characters (?)

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2011-02-27 15:35
dragon124 Hi All,

I love the site. Thanks.

I'm a beginning player (18 kyu-ish). I live in Taiwan where Go books are easily and relatively cheaply available in traditional characters. I was wondering if anyone on the site might be able to recommend a good series of Go problem books in traditional characters? I'm a native English speaker, and don't think my Chinese reading ability is up to dealing with books with a lot of text (or at least it wouldn't be much fun). But, I should be able to muddle my way through the relatively brief text that is usually in problem books. (I attend a Go school here and have learned some of the funky Chinese vocabulary related to Go...so I think it should work).

All suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

Darren Haughn

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