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Current study plan

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2010-12-23 17:51
Janne I plan to try and watch a pro game review every day aside from following other lectures.

Step by step>high-low> in that general order (on opening training c atm) I am also slowly reading some go books, 501 opening problems and lessons in the fundamentals atm.

Then I will continue with tesuji book, I will start with attack & defence when I get to the all about attacking lectures. Other than that I try to play alot and solve problems on gochild, mostly repeating the simple l&d 1000 in intermediate for the time being.

Hopefully go problems will be around here soon too. I plan to make my own sgf files for future study from joseki/invasion (possibly some more) lectures once I get to those, propably in the step of watching a lecture first and then watching it again to make sgf file.

What's mostly suffering is my ability to review my games which I will try to improve at after watching the applicable lectures:p

If this seems like a good plan to follow for someone else then I'm glad if it helped. I'd also appreciate any tips if I'm missing something I should be doing. I'm currently 2d on kgs and 4d on wbaduk korea1 server winning most of my games so moving towards 5d.

2010-12-23 17:57
Janne I've been "staying away" from Joseki, I propably don't know alot more than I did as a 5 kyu, so I am sure this is a big weakness for me that I will try to mend by the help of mingjiu's lectures and more study later. Other than that reading, counting/estimating and positional judgement in general are propably my weaker areas. In case someone's interested to know how this is working out for me I can try to update my progress a bit and possibly give advice to someone in doing so:) So now I officialy start my study plan.

2011-04-25 01:21
cook777 "In case someone's interested to know how this is working out for me I can try to update my progress a bit"

If your still around I am interested.

2011-08-05 16:00
Janne Sorry I haven't been around, didn't have a computer for a long time and didn't have time to study anything.. Back now but I wont have time to do so much, mostly trying to watch as many lessons I have time with since I missed propably over 6 months on my 1 year subscription:( Also doing some tsume-go and playing. But I haven't really improved due to long inactivity

2011-08-09 01:16
Guo Juan I am just back from US Go Congress, was too busy there. Sorry for late reply.
We will have a new study guide very soon. The lectures will be arranged per level so you will be able to find the lectures adapt to your level, easily.

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