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Study order

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2010-12-04 14:31
dkgnct I'm around 4 kyu, and I wanted to improve my opening. There are many lectures regarding this subject, and I wanted to know in which order they should be studied. For instance, there's an opening section that contains "Common Opening", "Opening training" and lectures about whole board josekis such as the Chinese Opening, the Kobayashi Opening or the San Ren Sei. There's also a joseki section with "The correct way of using josekis", "All about the star point" and "All about the 3-4 point". Not only that, but you also have "Punishing opponent's mistakes - Joseki". So which order should I follow?

2010-12-04 22:19
Guo Juan As you are 4k, this is my suggestion: Opening training->Common Opening->Punishing opponent's mistakes-Joseki->The correct way of using josekis->All about the star point->Chinese Opening->Kobayashi Opening->San Ren Sei(if you like moyo games)->All about the 3-4 point(I have not many lectures on this subject, more will follow later).

2010-12-04 23:00
dkgnct Thank you very much, I'll follow your advice

2011-04-20 02:40
cook777 I noticed you put "Punishing opponent's mistakes-Joseki" "The correct way of using josekis" before the actual joseki like "All about the star point"

Is there a reason one should take this first? Or am I missing something? The reason I asked because I would have thought it be the other way around, so I couldn't help but to ask.

Thank you.

2011-04-20 10:56
Guo Juan Most people already have josekis books and have studied some josekis. "Punishing opponent's mistakes-Joseki" and "The correct way of using josekis" are lectures to help people to understand more about these josekis, especially to learn how to play if our opponents don't follow the josekis. All about the start points talked very much very after josekis.

2011-04-22 20:18
cook777 Ok Thank you for replying.

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