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2010-10-14 17:02
Frango Hi,

I am really loving this website, the audio lectures, but I dislike the fact I have to log in manually each time (and there are some issues with the replayer sometimes, but here I mostly want to talk about the log in). The way it is made my browser doesn't remember the login information and doesn't allow me to stay logged in permaently. The sessions seem to expire after a little while and I see no point in that.

A website (and a commercial one even more) should be flexible. This website is non standard.

Thank you

2010-10-14 23:17
Frango Hi,

I managed to get my login information to be saved, here is how Firefox users can do it:

1) install Secure login addon: http://securelogin.mozdev.org/
2) in the Secure Login options, check "Automatically search for login data and highlight form fields"

Once this is done, log in on the website, and in the future you will just have to click on the Secure Login "key" to be automatically logged in.

Already much better than having to do it all by hand.

2010-10-17 13:29
claude Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we still lack a "stay logged by cookie" feature, we'll put it in very soon.

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