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new audiogolesson about Chinese Opening

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2006-06-30 12:44
rs220675 So far I like audiogolessons very much - a lot of courses with several subjects and with very good! teaching. Since I'm a Chinese Fuseki-maniac and I'm very enthusiastic since I learned via an email that Guo Juan might also work on a lesson about the Chinese Opening.

I think this opening is so popular among players that it would make indeed sense to teach about it, about it's goals, typical patterns, typical mistakes, typical problems etc.

Now, it may be good is to use this forum to look for a way how to build such a lesson and to collect the ideas. Here are my two cents:

I'd do between 5-10 lessons. The first lesson I'd give explanation about what Chinese opening is, which kind of openings we have (low. high, variants of chinese openings) and what the basic goal of this opening is all about. Also I'd give the disadvantages of this opening, so that one does get a full view on the opening.

In lesson two I'd start to explain the most typical patterns and josekimoves occuring in games. Here you can use like Mastergo to find out the typical patterns and josekis with chinese fuseki. That would cost like 4-5 lessons. IMO it doesn't hurt if their are some "doubles" of josekis that are explained in a joseki-course.

Also (in the next lessons) I would use games from weaker players to show some overplays and mistakes and how to react. One of the worst things for us as beginners is if we know that our opponent does a mistake, but not know how to react properly.

In the last two lessons I'd do a full review on two chinese opening games.

I'd use only already-played games to teach, that means no abstract explanations, everything shown on a real game.

2006-06-30 13:03
rs220675 Well, I just learned that game 5 of the honibo was an incredible typical :) Chinese opening game. Maybe this game will be reviewed too. The first pro-game review with Chinese opening :).

2006-06-30 20:54
Guo Juan Thanks for you good idea.

Yes, it is already on our 'to do list'.

Actually at the moment, I am working on the 'mini Chinese opening', I hope very soon it will be online.

Any more suggestions welcome!

2006-06-30 20:55
Guo Juan We will report all the Honinbo games.

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