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Contents request

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2010-09-25 18:11
Keifullstop Hi all,
If it's possible to ask for it to the teachers i'd like to humbly make a request for a series of lectures on ko fighting/foreseeing the coming of a ko.Thanks in advance.

2010-09-30 17:22
Guo Juan Sure! It is on our 'to-do'list now. Meanwhile you can take a look at the free lecture about ko http://internetgoschool.com/lecture.vhtml?ls_id=602

2010-10-01 09:47
Keifullstop Thanks a lot!

2010-10-01 14:19
Keifullstop Ehm...May i ask which free lecture you mean?...Thanks :)...

2010-10-02 10:48
Guo Juan See the link above.

2010-10-03 17:25
Keifullstop Thanks a lot...Didin't see it before O.o...Weird...Thanks again :)

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