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Go lectures on iPad

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2010-05-31 20:19
iiigor Dear Guo Juan! I really enjoy your lectures and private lessons, thank you very much! Now I am going to buy an iPad, primary for my go study. It would be great if it is possible to watch the lectures on iPad (that would mean without Java), and even better it would be to have a possibility of being able to watch the lessons offline. I am sure many go players would then purchase a year subscription. Are you going to support iPad in future? What about offline lessons (for example, as video)?
Best regards,

2010-06-03 03:57
Guo Juan Great idea! Thanks. We will think about it, and thanks for your patience.

2010-06-15 00:11
burrito I second this. It will be hard though, since wms won't ever support KGS on the iPad/iPhone, and the code here is from KGS. Still, I would be willing to pay even more than the site costs now for that ability.

2011-05-11 16:03
Tetriste Although I agree it would be great to watch lessons from an ipod/ipad, I think allowing lessons offline would be bad : People would just download all the lessons and wouldn't suscribe for another year and/or they would put the lessons on another site for free

2011-09-22 10:04
Sarah I would also get more lessons if I could view them on the iPad, because I use iPad rather than a laptop most of the time.

2011-09-29 13:15
Guo Juan Good news! We are working on this! Thanks for your patience.

2011-10-02 23:26
AlexA Please include support for iPhone as well.

The way I see it, you could implement the viewer app for the lectures, and provide lectures as in-app purchases, so the result would be something like Go Books app but with audio.

The iTunes app-store would handle all the distribution and billing for you, also making it trivial for the subscribers to purchase content.

Please let us know if you need testers!.

2011-10-03 11:20
claude Before deploying specific applications, we plan to deploy a pure html5 version with a specific layout for all mobile devices.

2011-11-06 05:13
quarktime Instead of just saying iPad, could you please just make them viewable on portable tablets in general? I have an Android tablet (I can run KGS on it) and it has a very robust browser. I'd be willing to be a guinea pig if it would help. I don't want to download them onto the device, just play them using the wi-fi connection on the device's browser.

2012-03-09 22:36
jmcmahon4 Shifu,I wrote to you about this previously by e-mail. I figure I will just add myself to the list here as well. As you may know, in these times, the use of computers and access to internet for personal reasons is being controlled and severely limited by IT departments everywhere. So, even if you have free/personal time at work it is impossible for some of us to see for example "the lunch lectures" even during a lunch break unless you tote your own laptop around and have personal WiFi/cellular internet access. Better than laptop would be access to the site via mobile device. I have been a yearly subscriber since you started it, but I can never make full use of the site because I cannot log in unless I am at home.


2012-03-10 11:27
Guo Juan Actually we are working on it now. Thanks for your patience.

2012-03-10 12:25
vdm This is great news, since i'm a yearly subscriber aswell, keep up the good work!

2012-04-10 23:05
collinc I gather there may be some technical hurdles, but lectures on the iPad would be huge. I can guarantee that I would more than double my purchases, and I'm sure there are many others for whom this would be true -- so it would be a great investment for everyone!

2012-04-17 04:17
Terri Schurter I am very happy to hear you are going to try to have lectures on the iPad, especially since I have recently subscribed for the year again. Thanks. Terri

2012-04-24 11:36
Buri my ipad eagerly awaits them too.

2012-04-26 04:45
whiplash205 Android tablet user here. Willing to be a beta-test guinea pig for this if you need one.

2012-04-30 04:23
bum looking forward to it

2012-05-03 16:58
Smar Adding my vote for this too. I already do most study on ipad so would be natural to listen these with it too. I don’t have any laptop, so can’t really use anything else outside of the house either.

2012-06-21 06:47
rabbitXIII glad to hear that this is being worked on :) looking forward to it

2012-10-03 13:49
Guo Juan Hopefully the iPad version will be up soon.

2012-10-14 16:10
bum that is great news, i was starting to think the idea was forgotten :)

2012-10-21 22:12
jmcmahon4 Yay!! I would donate toward rapid development of access for portables... sorry for being political... this being an election year and all.

2013-01-02 06:36
InfinityMan Hooray! What a New Year's surprise! Just finished watching the Monkey Jump 1 lecture on my iPad2. This new ability to watch lectures on my mobile device will surely double my study time. Thank-you, thank-you so much for your hard work to bring this feature to the iPad (and other devices).

2013-03-26 07:41
Bol Hello dear Guo Juan
I have a question about the android system (i have a Samsung GT-P1010), do i have to download an app and wich one because i cannot access to your lectures.

2013-03-26 19:28
Guo Juan Hello Bol, I will pass your question to our webmaster. Thanks.

2013-03-27 11:47
claude Bol, you don't need any app, you should be able to watch lectures from within your browser. When you say " i cannot access to your lectures", can you tell us what happens exactly?

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