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MingJiu Jiang 7p

MingJiu Jiang 7p

1982, professional 5dan; 1987, 7dan; 1978, China national championship 5th place; 1982, China national championship 6th place. He moved to United States in 2000. 2001, challenger of North America Master Go Tournament. 2004, top 16 in the 9th LG World Cup. Representative of North America to Fujitsu Cup 2005 and world Oza Cup in 2006.  Representative of North America to the 19th World Championship, the Fujitsu Cup and the 3rd Toyata/Oza Cup. In 2008, he has won the First north America Ing Masters Championship. Representative of North America to the 21st world Championship of Fujistu Cup and the 4th Toyato/Oza Cup, and the 6th Ing world Cup.
He teaches Weiqi on/off line. ZhuJiu Jiang (jujo) 9p is his younger brother.

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