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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the help file for the Training System?

The Training System has its own help file.  Click on Training System, then click on the Help tab. Or click on the Help icon in the bottom right corner of any of the problem solving pages.  

What does it cost to watch the lectures?

Most lectures cost 1 Euro. There are also some lectures that have been sponsored by various Go associations for the benefit of the Go communitiy which can be watched at no cost.

When you buy a lecture, you have unlimited access to it for one month.

Is there a discount for buying more at once?

You can buy a one year membership for 99 Euros and you get access to all of the lectures for one year.

How do I pay for lectures?

First, register an account.

Then go to "My Account" and use the form at the top to pay via PayPal or by Credit Card. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

How can I see what lectures I have already watched - especially after buying the Pro Library Year Membership

There is a tab in the My Account section of the website that shows all of the lectures you have watched.  Or click here.


Can I pay for lectures any other way?

If you are living in the European Union and are willing to pay at least 25 Euros, you can transfer the amount to us by bank.

Our bank information:

ING Bank Amsterdam
5263923 J.Guo
IBAN: NL86 INGB 00052 63923

After you send money in this way, you must send us an email giving the amount you sent and your account name on our site. Send the email to Guo@InternetGoSchool.com.

System Requirements

  • A computer, iPad or other tablet device
  • Resolution of at least 1024 x 768
  • Working sound
  • Internet connection
  • Up to date web browser (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox...)

I have a question from a lecture. Can I ask you?

We have a room on KGS set up for this. Rooms --> Room List --> Lessons --> Audio Go Lessons Room. The purpose of this room is to answer your study questions about our Professional Lectures.

Teachers are Guo Juan and Jenny Shen.

Please check the schedule in the room. Scheduled times will be on certain Sundays at 14:00 GMT (summer time) or 15:00 GMT (winter time).

You are welcome to join us and bring your questions or suggestions!