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November 25, 2013 by Guo Juan 5p
Black: Andrew Kay (warfreak2) White: Andrew Simons (uberdude)
British Go Championship 2013 Title Match game 2

Beautiful moves!

Lesson sponsored by The British Go Association
Duration: 36 minutes
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May 28, 2016 - New teacher + new lecture

I am very excited to announce that Catalin Tarantau 5p is joining us here at the Internet Go School!


Catalin is a wonderful teacher. He was trained and became a pro in Japan. I have a very high opinion of the Japanese teaching materials - they are very practical and useful. And Catalin will be bringing much of that flavor to our Go School. I have asked him to do a series about Endgame and he will be starting this shortly. 


His first lecture is about a very nice tesuji that came up in one of Catalin's games from a couple weeks ago. He/we will add to this tesuji series over time. 


Please help us in welcome Catalin! 


How to handle White's move 1?