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Welcome to the Study Guide.  Links on this page will take you to the first lesson in a series so you can look at the first Lesson Details page.  In general, once you start studying a series, you will find it easiest to just go directly to it on the Catalog page.  There you can quickly see which lectures you have already watched (green checkmarks) and which have problems to study in the Training System (problem quantities show in the Problems column).

Lectures for 30k - 20k

At this level, a good way to start is to set the Difficulty Filter on the Catalog page to the lowest levels (1-1) and apply.  Study that material first.  After that, start expanding the range on the Difficulty Filter and check out:

Lectures for 20k to 10k

Lectures for 10k to 1k

Lectures for 1d to 5d

Lectures for Above 5d

Jul 26, 2016 - New lecture

Chinese Opening-Part 2: Useful variations-Lesson 2 is ready for you. Enjoy!


Black to play next, A or B?