Pro Lecture Library

Welcome to the library of professional lectures!

If you are new here, register an account - it’s easy and free - and watch one or more of the free sample lectures. After that, most lectures cost 1 Euro each or you can buy a year’s subscription. See the FAQ for full details.

There are over 900 lectures in the library and new lectures are being released every week! The trick is finding the ones you want. We have several tools to help you do this:

  • The "Study Guide" organizes the lectures into a complete training program running from 30 Kyu to 8 Dan and is a great way to get going.
  • The "Browse by Category" button is a quick way to find lectures on a particular subject, such as Fuseki or Commented Pro Games. It’s also a fun place to poke around!
  • The "Teachers" button will tell you about the pros that teach here and give you links to the lectures they have created for you.
  • The "Advanced Search" button lets you search by many criterion, such as which pro made the lecture, language (currently only English and French), and more.